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To a certain degree I do agree with “veryblessed1”. There is no actual cure for ADHD. Yes medications may help ease the symptoms, accommodations definitely help and different types of therapy and tools can help. But the ADHD symptoms will always be there in the background. ADHD is something you are born with and will more than likely always will be with you. So to a certain degree it’s better to understand early on that you are going to have to try harder than someone without ADHD. And it’s imperative that you understand why. I think “veryblessed1” is trying to say that in the real world accommodations, distracting fidgets, extra time to complete projects/activities etc are not always available. And that any child or adult is going to eventually have to realize that they are going to have to “work harder” than those without the disorder…..period…..It stinks and being an adult who has always had to “try harder” and try to fit in I totally get it. The real world can be a tough place for ADHD people. It’s just the reality of it. Diabetics can’t eat sugary candy or cake at birthday parties for example. People with bad eyesight have to wear glasses. It’s just the way it is.