Reply To: Goal Setting


As a health coach myself I strongly believe that accountability along with a system such as the one described by Steph above is the best method for many people in setting and achieving goals. If you have tried setting goals and haven’t been able to follow through, I highly suggest you enlist a loving and persistent accountability partner who can simply be a friend: preferably a friend with a goal in mind too. Once you have an accountability partner, set very small actionable steps in the beginning and commit to stick to those by always remembering your ‘why'(the reasons behind your goal), this will give you the traction and the motivation you need to get started and keep moving forward.
Be positive and look at failures (which inevitably will occur) with curiosity to learn from past mistakes. Be kind to yourself.
If you don’t have anyone, consider investing in hiring a professional coach for the specific goal you’re trying to achieve.
Best of luck to you!