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Such an interesting set of comments!
I always learn from people who have compassion for others.

As a teacher and a parent who deals with an ADHD at home and at school, I found the fidget spinner helpful for social anxiety but not for thr attention deficiency.

I have one classroom with 6 students who have all  extreme behavior issues in the high school. Initially fidget spinner was used inappropriately but giving the students some time to get over the excitement of it for several days, The fidget spinner become a soothing tool in the classroom. It keeps some student busy and calm in the classroom!

I and My son, who is 6 years old, started to use the fidget spinner as soon as it became popular, the spinner is definitely a distraction if we need to focus on something but it is very soothing when our mind is racing around!

We actually don’t like the commercial one and we have made at least 15 different models, using legos! We become competitive to see who make the one with the minimum noise and that brought some engineering skill to the house.

Banning the fidget spinner from school is not a solution but taking it away from student who intentionally distract others is a must!