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As the owner of one the oldest fidget companies around (over 10 years) I want to say that the fidget spinner has definitely hurt the integrity of fidgeting and fidgets in general, not to mention created confusion in the marketplace. So called “Fidget” Spinners are toys plain and simple. They are not fidgets. They are no more appropriate for the classroom then one of those handheld spinning toys you buy at Disneyland that flash and light up when you press the button. The spinners don’t offer any of the benefits a real fidget offer. A real fidgets job is to keep the part of your brain that gets bored occupied so the other part can focus and pay attention. You can’t focus and pay attention while using a spinner for the mere fact that you’re watching it spin so the focus is on the spinner instead of what you’re supposed to be paying attention to. Real fidgets offer great benefits to their users, trust me, I live it everyday, not only as an ADHD’er but working in this space 24/7. I’ve seen the results and I hear the testimonials daily. I’m happy to read on this thread that a few people have found the spinners beneficial, I think that’s great, but that shouldn’t be confused with spinners being fidgets.

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Jason Burns aka “The Fidget Man”
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