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Patti Reis

I love this discussion. First, I will just say that if you REALLY think it will be helpful for your kid (and PLEASE watch them use it first, preferably in a classroom setting or at least when they’re trying to complete homework because it may be eye-opening), then consider this: gum is banned in most schools too, but a 504 plan can allow for an individual child to chew it if helps them focus (or, as with my daughter, helps with anxiety and helps her not chew her nails as much). But I agree with all the comments above about this particular gadget not being useful for kids with ADHD – except maybe to help them sit through a long car ride. Just consider all the pieces before you raise a stink about your school allowing them. They are a fad right now and kids want them to play with and because their friends have them but I’m sure they can be quite persuasive about how they need them to help them focus. 😉