Reply To: Am I being an A$$?


I’ve often felt resentment for being put in a position to “mother” my husband. I try hard not to because it’s not the relationship I want with him and I believe it makes him feel emasculated. It’s hard. I also have a 10 year old with ADHD. Lately I’ve started to work on establishing planning habits and routines with her. I’ve created a Sunday night family planning session where all of us, including my husband, sit down with our planners and phones to discuss our goals and plans for the week. I’ve been working on being more structured in my own routines and am trying to lead by example. I encourage my husband to share with my daughter the lessons he’s learned – what works for him, what doesn’t. I hope by mentoring her through this he’ll feel encouraged and empowered. And maybe more likely to lead by example himself. Wish me luck.