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We cracked and bought all the kids fidget spinners this past weekend, and let me tell ya – they are such a pain in the rear. I’ve had to take them several times already because they are more of a distraction than a helpful tool.

We didn’t buy them as a tool for our ADHD kiddo though. We bought them as a toy, for home ONLY. All of the kids say that every kid in class has a fidget spinner (probably not EVERY, but there are quite a few), kids do tricks with them – try to show off what they can do with their spinners.

So while the fidget spinner might have been first marketed to ADHD/ADD kids, it’s certainly taken on a life of its own and I can see why the school has banned them. Our school year is over, but the administration has already said that if the fidget spinner is still popular after summer break they will be treated in the same fashion as cell phones on school grounds.