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We tried karate too, and it just wasn’t his thing. The concentration and coordination it took to succeed at karate was just too much. We’ve had good experiences with YMCA sports, soccer in particular. The atmosphere is non-competitive. The coaches are volunteers and 9 times out of 10 parents of a child on the team.

We’ve also had a good experience with Boy Scouts. Particularly for teaching self-control and responsibility. He loves scouts and I feel he’s getting a lot out of it. And since it’s a new activity/event/project all the time, it seems to keep his interest.

Our Y just started offering a free dance class, and while that’s not a normal “boy” thing, my son wants to give it a try – so we’re going to let him.

For school, he participates in Cross Country. He doesn’t excel at it, but it does give him the benefit of being part of a team but is individual enough that bullying isn’t an issue and active enough to keep him engaged.

His activity schedule definitely shows that he’s an ADHD kiddo. Kind-of all over the place, no single activity for very long (except for Scouts) – but if he’s having fun, that’s all that matters.