Reply To: Need tips for adding behavior modifications to IEP/504


This is a bit more complicated than just getting behavior modifications put into an IEP. If your son has an IEP for Speech, and only Speech, then he currently qualifies for Special Education in the eligibility category Speech Language Impairment. The first step you would need to do would be to request an evaluation to determine the extent of your son’s behavioral issues (I would mention in the letter that I want an FBA done as part of the assessment). You would have to provide the school with the documentation you have that diagnoses him with ADHD and ODD, and then you would have see if the school determines that these struggles meet the eligibility requirements for an IEP or 504 once they have concluded the evaluation process. If, for example, it is found that he qualifies under the eligibility Other Health Impairment (OHI) as the new IEP gets written, you can come in with the accommodation and modification suggestions that you want to go into the document. In the little information that you provided, I do think that your son should at least have a 504 which can also address these behavior concerns, but this is what the evaluation would determine: IEP, 504, or no disability/impairment.