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First and foremost, be proud of yourself! You sought help, and are now trying to come up with a plan for the areas identified. Most adults dealing with ADD (with or without learning disabilities), are still simply going day-to-day and finding other ways to cope/treat (drugs, alcohol, violence, crime, etc).

Of the struggles identified in your report, I’d personally lump the executive functioning, processing speed, and attentional skills together as part of the ADD. The anxiety also is linked. I like to think of anxiety with ADD as trying to slowly cross a 10-lane highway. Your brain is processing your environment as best it can, but the world in which we live is flawed for those of us with ADD.

I’m not a neuropsychologist, don’t know you personally, nor have I read your report, but I’m curious as to how you are thought to have struggles with visual-spatial reasoning, yet love photography. I wonder if the test was flawed because of your processing speed, attention struggles, etc.

I think you need to go on a quest and interview a whole bunch of mental health therapy providers, ADD coaches, and psychiatrists with this information in hand. You need to find that person who seems capable and is committed to truly categorizing your struggles. They will provide you with a long-term plan in how to accentuate your talents while finding ways to manage the other aspects.

Again, congratulations on your courage. I wish you all the best in your future succcess.


Diagnosed with ADD and high functioning ASD at age 45
Married (God bless her)
Two children: one with ADD and ASD, one with ADD and anxiety. Both brilliant and wonderful.

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