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I completely understand your heartbreak. This same thing happened to me a couple years ago. It was my son’s first real birthday, and he invited everyone in the class. Some of the kids handed him back his invitations instantly telling him they would not attend.

Day of the party came and not a single kid showed up. We had an exotic animal rescue organization come out and bring my son’s favorite animals and not even that cheered him up. He was devastated. And so was I.

After the party ended, the family members that did show up told him what fun they had and that those other kids sure did miss out on a good time. It took him a few days to bounce back, but bounce back he did. I am always amazed at how he can just let things roll off his shoulders.

This year we kept it just a family party so we wouldn’t have to go through any thing like the previous year. At the last minute, some friends of his in the neighborhood were outside playing and I told him he could invite them over. They came over (about 3 boys) and he had a blast of a time. Due to the short notice, they didn’t bring gifts or anything, but I don’t think my son cared at all. He was just happy someone came. On a Mommy note, I will say my house was DESTROYED after the party. The friends shared my son’s personality and it was like they fed off of one another…LOL. But I was happy to see him happy.

We’ve started looking outside the school for peer groups that my son can form friendships with. The neighborhood kids seem to be the best fit and those have been the friendships that have formed organically. Kids can be mean! I hope your son bounces back too, and I bet he will. If he is being bullied at school, perhaps a talk to the teacher is appropriate to stop that type of behavior.

Hang in there Momma!