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As As a special education teacher in an elementary age (2nd grade) inclusion classroom, the spinners are not being used just by kids with ADHD. In fact, more kids without ADHD are bringing them to school and using them inappropriately. The principal’s letter above very accurately describes the situation in my elementary school. I would also agree with mom’s answer above who understands that fidgits often are MORE of a distracting influence , even with kids who have an ADHD diagnosis. Please observe your child at home while doing homework. Is it distracting her/him while doing homework or does it help? That will soon be obvious whether this particular fidget is helpful or just something that’s distracting. If you find that your child’s concentration improves, I’d make a case with your case manager or principal for its use. Truthfully, a child can’t be writing while using these spinners so they are of little value there. During times when a child is supposed to be actively listening, that’s when it could be of value – only if you are sure you’ve tried it at home previously. Teachers WANT to give children all the necessary supports they require. However, it’s up to the parent to be sure it’s truly appropriate for their child. Right now, this fidgit has just become the latest fad and is being purchased by almost every child. So, as you can see, due to its popularity, this spinner has lost its true purpose. Great for the inventor, but not so great for a child who might truly benefit from the spinner’s intended use. Right now, your best bet is to use this spinner at home if you feel it might be helpful during homeqork time.