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Oh my goodness. Your daughter sounds like my son! I wish my son would have known earlier that that’s what he wants to do and accepted his talents and weaknesses sooner. He didn’t need to fail so many times for so many years before having the guts to be honest with himsef! We always supported him in everything he wanted to do, even advising him that Comp Sci might be too hard for him at this school. He loves music and plays piano beautifully and we always urged him to pursue music but he thought we weren’t serious! Gah! All those years of his suffering and feeling inadequate for struggling made his self-esteem suffer. I feel so bad for him and his never ending turmoil.

Thanks for the links. I’ll forward them to him too. Maybe he’ll realize that ADD is not the end of the world and it’s time for him to accept it and optimize his special ways his brain works.