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Here’s what I wish I had known- over emotionality is a huge problem. When my feelings are hurt by my husband’s words, actions, or lack of action, he gets mad at me! He’s not good about keeping his word. He agreed to get medicated when we were dating & after we married, he refused to take meds. We have the same arguments over & over & over. He has no concept of how things affect the future, future consequences, and zero empathy for what a non-ADD partner deals with. We have been to conferences, retreats, on webinars, own almost every book, and have worked with a coach that has ADD- good tips last a week or two, if that, then it’s like he never learned anything. When people say watch how he is with his family, I disagree! My husband’s whole family has ADD & it all seemed like a lot of fun & lots of laughing….then when you can’t take anymore of his nonsense, no one in his family can see the problem. Things change over time with ALL relationships- it’s not all butterflies & unicorns but it’s MUCH tougher with an ADD partner. I love my husband very much, I just don’t know if I can STAND him much longer. Btw, he doesn’t lose his keys either like all the books say-