Reply To: Overwhelmed


I’m sure you have clearly explained the impact of the noises and distractions to your administrator. Maybe you’ve tried these suggestions, but here are my thoughts:

Invite the administrator into your classroom to observe When it is both rather quiet and when there is lots of noise
and lots of distractions of noise and activity. Tell that person what exactly to look for to make your point.

FIND a SOLUTION. Most importantly, do some research for your problem. Is there another teacher willing to switch rooms?
Is there an unused space, even a large closet that could be a better place for your students? (I taught in a school that
was short of classroom space and out of necessity a special ed class used a custodian’s closet. No windows, but it was
quiet. The children were in a quiet space, small, but much better than a hallway and it became a special space for them.)

Present your issue in a teacher’s meeting, so other teachers understand your problem. They might help find a solution.
Would one of your students be able to explain to your colleagues why he/she is distracted by all the distractions?

Perhaps parents of the children could present the problem from their point of view to the administrator or to the staff.

Don’t give up! You’ve been hired to teach these children with special needs and advocating for them is part of your job.