Reply To: Lying and Stealing


We are currently going through the same situation with our 7 yr old. She is academically advanced however she keeps peeing in her pants and lying about it. We don’t get mad at her about the accidents but do explain the severity of lying about things and the importance about being honest. Some days are better than others, and I notice it’s worse if she goes to sleep late or is emotionally upset.

Keep encouraging good behavior and explaining in why they shouldn’t take things and lie.

Also, we have her on quillivant (liquid solution). Our copay is 60 so we go to the pharmaceutical company website and get a copay card which can be downloaded for free. This card brings down our copay to $25. We also use this for our sons epi pen. With the copay card it’s free his epipen jr is free.
The insurance may just need a letter of medical necessity from your provider advising why it’s needed. We use it because it was taking way too long for her to swallow pills in the morning.