Reply To: Lying and Stealing

Amy Karazim

My situation is similar to yours. This is my first time in the forums. My son is 6, in Kindergarten, and academically he is doing very well, reading on a 3rd grade level, and does very well in math. We have just recently had our first encounter with lying, so I don’t think I can help you there. But, my son was also prescribed Quillivant XR and my insurance didn’t completely deny it, but it was in a much higher “tier” and cost $140 after insurance. I found this website that allows you to get the prescription for only $25. It is legit, I have used my card twice now. Just answer a few questions, and you can print out a temporary card to use right away. I used mine at Walgreens and CVS.

We only give it to him in the morning, just to help him while he is in school, and it has helped a lot. He also has ZERO impulse control and that gets him in trouble at school frequently. Since we started Quillivant it has gotten much better. It doesn’t just magically “fix” him, it just helps him with his impulsiveness.

I have also subscribed to the Positive Parenting Solutions online program and I’ve only done the first session, but I have already seen a drastic improvement in my relationship with my son. I have been there MANY times, frustrated, anxious, exhausted and didn’t know what to do…but since starting PPS things have changed.

Hope some of this helps. From one frustrated parent to another.