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Penny Williams

There’s a saying among ADHD professionals: “Pills don’t teach skills.” ADHD medication is just one tool in ADHD treatment, and it’s certainly not a “fix.” Counseling and/or ADHD coaching could help a great deal more.

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As for intelligence, that’s just one measure of capability. All the other facets of how the brain functions in an individual affect capability, as well. For instance, my son has a gifted IQ, but barely passes most of his classes in school, because his ADHD causes extreme executive functioning deficits, and he also has a learning disability. Teachers are constantly saying, “You’re smart enough to get this done…” but that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with it.

Here’s more on executive functioning and how that is likely affecting your husband’s performance:

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When you have ADHD, finding the “right” job — one that works with your own set of strengths and weaknesses — is the key to job success.

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Lastly, you mentioned the possibility of autism and it’s quite possible. My son received an additional diagnosis of autism (level 1, which is essentially what used to be diagnosed as Asperger’s) six years after he was diagnosed with ADHD. Many symptoms overlap, but there are some distinctions to autism.

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