Reply To: 8yo Daughter with ADHD


The thing is you don’t overcome or conquer anxiety overnight. She has built that up over several years of going to school with ADD and not understanding why things were not working out. Her initial response to Concerta made sense, but it probably was not the correct dose. It seldom is the first time. And, by the way, it is very typical for kids to really try and hold it together during school time and then just crash when they get home.
The problem with anti-anxiety meds is that they don’t treat the source of the anxiety (unless you have a serotonin deficiency which would be really, really noticeable).
Finding the correct stimulant medication dosage is very important ( you don’t just stop after one try).
Helping her to understand how ADD is effecting her and making sure her teachers understand.
Finding a new psyc might also be a good idea.