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Years before my now 23 yo son was diagnosed ADHD/Dysgraphic, his sinuses were completely blocked for over two years, to the point where his speech was affected and he was sounding like he was deaf. In my pursuit of an answer as to why this was so, I was given the book, “Is This Your Child?” by Dr. Doris Rapp. It describes at length (400pgs) the interplay between allergies and behavior and then goes on to her diagnoses and treatment through “Provocation-Neutralization” testing, which is imho essentially a form of homeopathy. To abide by the standards of this page I will not further describe her work. But the reason I think it relevant to this discussion is, in the Appendix of this book (which, due to my recent diagnosis explains why this is all I read), she gives case studies. In each one, there is a symptom, many of which are not typical “allergy symptoms” such as hives, or sneezing. And one in particular has kept my attention these past 15 years as I studied and worked in Nutritional Education and Consulting. One of the patient’s symptom was that this child only drew very violent scenes. But after the P/N diagnosis and treatment, the drawings completely changed. Again, I post this not as medical advice as to treatment, but to elevate the discussion to understand that sometimes things that we do that don’t seem “normal” can have a physical/physiological cause that is environmental.

Some of the patients in the Appendix had foods as their allergen/Provocation, others had airborne irritants – not just pollen, but scents – such as fabric softener, perfumes, etc. So my point is as a parent we need to be detectives. And remember, even when cause is determined, there are often multiple solutions. Keep looking. If I can help more, please let me know.