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I have to respond to Angie’s post. I think there are some valid thoughts, but as someone who has ADHD, I also want to add that not everything that is negative is related to it. People have different personalities and come with different baggage, good and bad. If you’re honest with yourself, everyone has issues of some kind. I’m 65, and I’ve been married to a wonderful man for 30 years. We’ve had some really heated arguments over the years, but it’s not because I’m screaming at him after he patiently asked me about something I’ve done again and again. Sometimes it’s because of something he did!

There are some basic things that seem to affect most people with ADHD, and one is a problem with time. I can do really well for awhile, and then get absorbed with something and lose track of how much time has passed. Right now, for instance, my husband wants us to go into town, and I want to finish writing this! If I was smart, I would have waited, but I thought I could it quickly!!! Haha!

Morena, your boyfriend isn’t crazy. Of course, there are going to be things that will be annoying and/or challenging, but a lot depends on you, as well. You’ve gotten some great answers from several men, and that’s basically it. If your boyfriend is a nice person, then having a problem with time or always paying attention or not getting everything finished doesn’t take away from that. If he’s a jerk, then that’s because he’s a jerk.