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Hi there, I am very new to this journey and I’m not sure that I can offer any advice as such so mine is more of a “I hear you and am with you,” kind of a response. My daughter is six and homeschooled and though we pretty much knew for a long while that we were looking at ADHD, we only just sought out medical intervention. We opted to medicate too but now have a referral for behavioral health because yes, the ODD and impulsive behaviors are not things most people understand to be part of this condition. Your analogies about mountains and the wheels coming off are spot on. While I was seeking out help for my daughter, my doctor decided to refer me for behavioral health for myself and I wasn’t too impressed at the time, but honestly it’s probably going to be a game changer. My stress levels are insane (my husband adores our kiddo but tends to look to me to solve all ills too because he has PTSD and Aspergers and the consistency these kiddos need just isn’t there, so I hear you on that one too) and so the doctor has been trying to work on relaxation with me ahead of starting the behavioral therapy with my daughter. I think in truth, living with these kind of conditions is going to take so many approaches, isn’t it – are you able to access any of that for yourself or for your kiddo? Our pediatrician told us that the medication works best on the inattentiveness (and like you, we’re seeing good results there), but not so much on the impulsive behavior which is where the ODD and SPD’s responding better to behavioral health comes in. As I say, we are completely new to the treatment aspects of this and I am watching a building frustration and sometimes anger in my daughter too, so I am probably too new to offer you the ‘do this, try this’ approach that would probably be really helpful to you. But I can hand hold and commiserate and share all the things I learn along the way if you like? Hoping for the best of weekends for you mama.