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Thank You so much for responding with so much good advice and information – I know I have been horribly slow to say how much I appreciate your help, distracted child versus laptop = one more unanticipated expense. The way in which you’ve all described ADHD, it’s cause and impacts are absolutely perfect. I hope you won’t mind but I am going to use those to send a message to our families and friends, if they still choose to hang on to inaccurate beliefs then I’ll know it’s not something they’re willing to redress and will just ensure they’re not able to negatively impact my child’s perception of herself and her disorder. I think we’re fortunate in that she’s been diagnosed very early, without any hoops to jump through, so her self-esteem is completely unaffected so the idea that misinformed family will be the ones to dent it won’t be tolerated.

I also appreciate the comments on multiple approached to treatment/mitigation of effects – my daughter was placed on medication as the doctor made a very good case for it but we now have our referral for behavioral therapy which I’m really hoping will help us all find tools for our arsenal. There is no shortage of love or tolerance in our house but yes, it is difficult to be the calm and peaceful parent I always wanted to be at times so hopefully, I can garner further insight on how to approach that. I love the idea that we might too be that family where my daughter’s ADHD catapults us into her happy kind of frenzy instead of the cool pool of calm that would undoubtedly be easier! We are the sum of our parts even as a family, right?

I am truly thankful to you all for being so open with your experiences and offering such wise support – I cannot tell you how grateful I am. Wishing you all a very happy weekend!