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Hi Erin,
Thanks for your interest and I am glad the webinar was helpful! From what you share about your son, I am thinking your son is pretty typical in terms of other 6 years old boys in that many guys this age find fighting characters very exciting. My worry about this would start if it carried over to your son actually fighting at school or home to the point where it interfered with his ability to work with others in the classroom or make friends.
That being said, I think if you consider creating options for him to have his characters interact in other ways could be helpful in just expanding his perspective. I see from your profile that you are a writer. Your love of language can be a asset for helping him have his characters express different feelings and have different experiences than just fighting. So besides just fighting, can he draw word bubbles of the characters talking/whispering/singing/yelling to each other? What else might these characters want to communicate with each other besides just fighting each other? Can he make up a cartoon sequence of before/during/after fighting so the focus isn’t just the fight scene? There are tons of cartoon panels of all sizes on the web which can be printed off, or you can always just make one yourself by drawing squares or folding paper into panels. Or, since your son likes to build, can he build a super cool place for the characters to rest or vacation or hang out in so they are doing something besides just fighting? The focus is on expanding his options to “What else?” can the characters do besides just fight rather than potentially getting into a parent-child power struggle over what he draws. And you just do it in a curious, casual, playful manner so the experience is fun.

Hope that helps! Take care,
Stacey Nelson

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