Reply To: 8yo Daughter with ADHD


No.1 – when the you had the Concerta refilled, was it the same mfg? I had such terrible side effects when the pharmacy changed the mfg of my generic Adderall that I can’t imagine how it is FDA acceptable to have such variation; I thought I was losing my mind. Now I have a relationship with my pharmacist and they honor my request for mfg.
Glad that someone else mentioned melatonin and holy basil. Those two work very well for my daughter. She has sleep gummies with melatonin and l-theanine. We also have another tasty chewable supplement labeled Stress-Relax Pharma GABA. The most helpful resource I have found is the Amen Clinic.
Dr Amen’s book “Healing ADD” describes 7 different types of ADD based on brain scans; which helped me tremendously as my daughter has severe anxiety issues and I am over-focused which does not do well on stimulants alone (neither of which are the classic add that most psychiatrists are familiar with). He talks about what is happening in the brain and how to use diet, medication, supplements and even neurofeedback. It has helped me understand what is going on in both my daughter and myself.
One other thing I would recommend, which I know is asking a lot in a home dealing with the stress of ADD and medication adjustment, keep a journal of meds and the specific responses, and for supplements too if you go that route. I had a reaction to one type of B6 & L-Tryptophan but did fine with different brands.
And don’t be afraid to switch psychiatrists. They can be your greatest resource or your greatest setback.