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I was very much like your son and although I can’t tell you specifically what has changed I can share my experience and what has helped me with my newfound inattentive diagnosis as an adult. First off I was diagnosed late as well around the age of 17 because my symptoms escalated as I got overwhelmed with my new competitive high school. As I’ve read in an article on here, that is common. Heavier workload can mean the symptoms arise more therefore may “suddenly” need treatment. I have been successful off medication, however it called for a disciplined routine with healthy diet and exercise (and little to no distractions.) Cognitive therapy was a great help especially dealing with stress at my competitive school. The biggest relief was pairing all the above with a low dose of medication. I also had an enormous amount of symptom relief when I introduced meditation/yoga/Eckhart Tolle books in my life. Having those moments where I calm my thoughts, clear my head, and just practice being still is still to this day life changing. It just levels me out and kind of snaps me out of any situation or negative habit. I apologize for the long response, however the point I’m basically trying to make is that I know exactly what it’s like to be in your sons shoes and even seen myself being not so respectful/lazy/uninterested etc but not really know why or how to get out of it. You are a stupendous parent for doing all that you do for him and he is blessed to have you care so much for him. I highly recommend continuing counseling and perhaps mention to the therapist to discuss possible add treatment with medication as his symptoms are interfering with his day to day life. It was all scary and weird when I was first told all of this but luckily I trusted my therapist and tried out medication and doing more research on this stuff. Everything will be okay just know you might need to nudge at treatment because being in the grips of this stuff it isn’t easy to make that first step. Good luck xx