Reply To: 8yo Daughter with ADHD


At two weeks your daughter has barely started her withdrawal from Zoloft. Do a Google search on “Zoloft withdrawal” and you’ll get an idea. I have had to withdraw twice from medications prescribed with reassurances by doctors that there is no problem (once from Effexor cold-turkey when I got pregnant, a real nightmare). Be kind to your daughter and wait three more months before you decide this is a problem that needs tackling. I wouldn’t add more medication in the meantime because it could really mess up her system. I suggest a bedtime rub-downs with magnesium oil for a calming effect from both touch and magnesium.

I also benefited strongly from reading “Raising your spirited Child” recommended above, as well as the author’s other book “Sleepless in America”. One thing among many that I learned from this book is that if your child is seeking attention, she NEEDS attention. Fifteen minutes of focused attention when she asks for it, and the effects are miraculous. And of course if the child is not feeling good she will seek attention from her parents — how else can she affect her universe? Good luck to you both.