Reply To: 8yo Daughter with ADHD


Oh this is tough, as an adult female with ADHD who was used as a guinea pig in the 80s I can tell you from experience it’s a nightmare, not only for you but for your child as well.
Okay first I would like to suggest you pick up a book called “raising the spirited child” I love love love this book, it about treating the child without labels and was a great help when dealing with my 9yr old daughter.
Second put your self in your child’s shoes. If someone gave you speed/amphetamines how would you feel inside? On top of that a antidepressant, which I took Zoloft when my daughter died, it’s some pretty intense stuff. Since I have experience taking both medications I can only tell you it’s probably way more chaotic in her head now than ever before.
My 9yr exhibits most of the symptoms you described except she is in gifted class, but she still can’t be still, has trouble not talking contantly and has a few social issues like the inability to read body language and cues. She is 9, she is learning, I am willing to adapt to her, and every year I start the school year out talking to her teacher, yes she talks too much, yes she won’t sit still, no I will not medicate her. She is a child. Now that being said you child is not my child and your decisions on medication is completly up to you.
Now medications… replace sleeping pills with Melatonin they come in gummy form at the grocery store. Both my kids take it to sleep when the have trouble and it can be taken in the middle of the night and their is no narcotic affect so they wake up “clean”, not feeling drugged, …
Anxiety… now this is a big one. I take Tulsi-Holy Basil, yes basil, it’s completly safe unless you have hemophilia because it is an antioxident.It works for panic attacks, now it also has NO narcotic affects and can be bought in pill form or liquid form for smaller kids. She won’t feel it working but when put into situation where normally she would have a panic attack she won’t. It won’t make her happy but it will take the stress away and it really really works.
ADHD … this is the toughest of all, even as an adult the meds , I have been prescribed them all, reeked havoc on my mental health and my social health because the stimulant made me frantic and feeling crazy all the time, yes I could sit down and do my work but I could talk to people because I was literally jacked up on speed, if you have ever drank too much coffee or taken a stimulant you know how you felt inside, zittery, sick, anti social. Unfortunately too much medication makes it worse.
I really really suggest you buy the book “raising the spirited child” it opened my eyes a bit and helped me raise and treat my child not a diagnosis or disease, it’s about how special your child is and alternatives and tools you may not have thought of.

I do not medicate my 9yr old except for melatonin for sleep. I never have. The main reason was I was determined not to do to my child what was done to me and I explored every other option first. I also put my foot down with her teacher and the school.

I hope this helps you at least will give you other options to look at. Medications scare me, around 70 percent of meth addicts were introduced to the affects of amphetamines when they were children. Legally, that’s a pretty scary statistic that scared me away from stimulants.