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This is very interesting. I’m unfamiliar with non-contemporary psychological models, but the ancient Greek physicians were clearly observant of behavioral patterns.

I care about everyone and everything–I’m vegan because I don’t want to harm non-human animals. I’m intensely loyal to people I care about. I would say I have a pathological need to please and serve those around me; specifically to make people better and uplift them. I also have Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, and predict that they’re tightly coupled.

At the same time, I’m extremely resistant to stress and negative emotion. I rarely cry. I have a knack for leadership, and people around me pick up on that. I would never want to be submissive to anyone in any context.

Thus I would say I’m not supine, but do have the strong, continuous urge to please and earn the respect & gratitude of other people. Can anyone else relate?