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Hi! It’s totally understandable that you are nervous about the next step. So I’d suggest taking it in small steps. Could you find an ADD coach that has career coaching experience (or a career coach that is knowledgeable in ADD)? Discussing what works for you, and what doesn’t, with a professional can help to set your priorities in terms of a job, and keep you accountable regarding your next steps.
Also, the Vocational Rehab in your state offers free services and sometimes can help you with retraining. Also, more and more Voc Rehab agencies are connecting with ADD coaches, and can refer you for some free coaching.
In the short term, could you do temporary work? short gigs found on Craigslist?? to bring in some cash. Have you ever thought of Merchandising, where you place products in stores like greeting cards? You can do it on your own schedule (within reason, obviously). I also wonder if checking back with your doctor regarding meds can help.
Get some help with your resume, and if it’s difficult, go to one of the agencies in your area that assists jobseekers for free (in our area they are called “One-Stops”. Your resume should only list the jobs where you had a satisfactory experience, not the jobs where you were let go.
Lastly, can you talk to some people that you’ve worked for, or worked with, to get their take on your strengths and skills? We ADDers arent’ always very self-observant!!