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A bit late to this party, but thought it might help to add my tuppence.

I was in the same situation recently. I found myself, at the age of 42, unemployed (again) after quitting a job (again) due to ‘communication’ problems (again). I too was terrified to look for work. In fact, I avoided it for a few months until the threat of having my car repo’ed became very real. Once I started looking, I knew I had to eliminate some of the things that weren’t working for me. My background is in marketing and the demands it was putting on me had become unbearable. The attention to detail, the focus on data analysis, the endless meetings, and 8 hours of sitting behind a desk – all enemies of the ADD brain – were the first skills to get axed when I started my job search. This meant I had to go in a completely different direction. In essence, it meant a whole career change had to take place. Instead, I concentrated on taking a couple of part-time jobs that together would make up the 40 hours I need to live. I ended up taking a retail job at the mall and a gallery assistant job. The hours are just under 40 and they pay me less than my marketing jobs do, but what the experience has given me is peace of mind. These jobs, while not as luxurious as some of my previous ones, don’t require an “OBSESSIVE” attention to detail (as one employer expected of me), don’t require me to stare at a computer monitor for hours on end, or sit in mind-numbing meetings. I avoided these jobs at first because I thought they were ‘below me’, but remarkably, I’m actually enjoying them.

Mind you, this is just a stepping stone for me on the way to finding a new career path, but for now it works. I can pay my bills and relax a little. I would suggest maybe trying something different as well if you’re in the position to do so. Like I said, I’ve taken a huge pay cut, but I’ve also alleviated a lot of stress, and this will allow me to use that energy to pursue other avenues. Focus on the skills you have that you can apply to something other than what you normally do for work, and don’t ignore the useful ADD skills we have, like being gregarious, having energy, and multi-tasking. Think in terms of a temporary solution, so you can get a steady income flow, and that will free your mind up to consider your next career step. You might even discover that you enjoy doing something you wouldn’t have considered before.

Best of luck!

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