Reply To: Lying and Stealing

Penny Williams

It does get better. 🙂

The first step is to reframe your thinking. Remember, your daughter is 2-3 years behind kids her age developmentally. That means you’re parenting a 3-4 year old in a lot of ways:

Stop Telling Your Child to Act His Age

Then, you have to set appropriate expectations based on that. Without attainable and appropriate expectations crafted with an eye on where your daughter is right now, what’s true for her, she will continue to frustrate and disappoint you, and her self-esteem will dwindle.

The Truth Will Set Parents Free

Now that you have the foundation for success, you can effectively address behavior, like lying and taking things without asking (it really isn’t stealing in a 6-year-old that is more like 3-4 developmentally). Lying is very common in kids with ADHD for many reasons. Here’s some explanation, as well as help with turning the behavior around:

The Truth About Your Child’s Lies

What to Do if Your Child is a Chronic Fibber

The Truth About Your Child’s Lying

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