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I’ll be 65 in August, and I think I probably went through menopause when I was around 50. I never had problems with hot flashes, but waking up at night and having trouble getting back to sleep was really an issue. Of course, I’d lie there with every possible negative thought popping into my head! Sometimes I’d try to read a book and doze off every few pages (and reread them because I couldn’t remember anything). Then I got an iPod and started listening to podcasts. At first I tried meditation music, but I could easily keep thinking about other things. Now I listen to something that like “Welcome to Nightvale,” which is this weird, somewhat nonsensical story. It’s just funny enough to keep my attention, but it also lulls me to sleep!

Stimulants have not been very helpful. Lately I’ve been feeling tired and depressed (they always seem to go together). I don’t have as much energy in general, and that’s frustrating because I was probably more ADHD when I was younger, and frankly I miss that energy. But I exercise almost daily, and I’m in pretty good shape so I sometimes wonder if it’s something else. I’ve had a health checkup, and I use a low dose hormone cream. I just can’t get going. Sorry if I’m not being helpful, but I sure appreciate the topic!