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i had to stop using meds as they made me more anxious if calmer mentally – not a good tradeoff- i wasn’t offered other options is was ritalin or nothing – concerta.
Anyway lucky for me i found mindfulness a few decades ago and have really developed it not that i understand my brain more with the ADHD diagnosis – that really helped me, so i think i was self medicating anyway but through meditations lol
I think there are always life skills for everyone to learn social skills especially.
my husband says the great thing about being married to me is that life will never be dull or predictable, i am predictably unpredictable and he likes that in me, i think we both do actually.

I always warn people i am very direct and literal cos of my ADHD and not to be too surprised by some of what i might say or do. I laugh about having ADHD nowadays too, that reduces the need for meds considerably. I think i have enough life skills combined with the right kind of support to get by for my remaining decades but i know i will acquire even more as i get even older lol.