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I got diagnosed in the past couple of years (don’t ask when, dates are one of my ADHD issues), but it was THE most life changing diagnosis I’ve ever had. I’ve suffered my entire life from it, it’s caused so many other problems and heartbreak throughout my life. I was severely bullied when I was a child, and suffer from severe complex-PTSD because of it. I’m diagnosed with several other mental illnesses, and I believe a lot of them are directly related to the issues I’ve had my whole life. Luckily I tolerate the stimulant medications quite well, I take Adderall, started on Ritalin, which I didn’t really like. But the difference is night and day, and very drastic. I don’t know where I’d be right now without my therapy and medication. I feel like I’m only just beginning my life now, and I’ll be 38 in August. Try and get into therapy and see if there’s any medications a psychiatrist can put you on, at least maybe some samples to try. There’s all sorts of medications available now, and that’s my best advice. Good luck!