Reply To: ADHD and Tiredness


I struggle with exhaustion and the double whammy of having an ADD mind in an exhausted body, where I need to be doing a lot to keep my brain focused but only have a few good hours of energy in the day. I’m currently in the process of looking st a new diagnosis for me of Chronic Fatigue Disorder as this would explain my bad joints and irritable bowel too (anoungst other things). Without the energy to focus my thoughts on a valuable task I find my generalised anxiety and depression become much worse. I’m not sure what to do to improve my energy but am trying very small amounts of excsercise (walking, swimming, stretching) in the hope that I can build my physical strength. I came across the term ‘spoons’ which is a word for depleatable energy and it’s been really useful as a way to communicate my situation to the people around me who otherwise are frustratingly ignorant to the limitations of chronic exhaustion as well as to my doctors who so far have never heard of the term. Trying to eat well is very important too obviously but the energy that I use up cooking can make that seem kind of counter productive. I’m just taking it every day as it comes just now.