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I am seriously thinking about home schooling my 12 yo son.

First I would like to apology if I make mistakes, English is not my main language.

My son has ADHD ODD and school since kindergarten is very difficult. I know his intelligent, at 3 yo when we were taking a walk he could tell you the name of car… Mom this is a Toyota Corolla……. he was speaking 3 languages, knowing alphabet in 2 languages he’s memory was fantastic. Everything started when he started school.
He slowly lost interest on everything, didn’t want learn things, misbehaving, rude…..
After a few months school asked me to see a doctor for that, he gave him Aderall, I cried so bad for weeks, I was feeling like a parent failure and still.
Aderall was helping but not his behavior, always in trouble. School made an IP which honestly did nothing. He had several test to see if he had some learning problem and everything was normal. but school decided he would be easier for him to have a laptop to read and do the job for him instead putting effort to teach him correctly. I was against that idea but what can I do I’m not at school.
I had to change him school in January 2017 for another English school because the previous hated my son, no friends and teachers likes him. I understand its not easy to be with a kids like my son.
I changed him school because in November 2016 he started to meet a private psychologist every 2 weeks. I have great improvement at home, I’m very proud of that, so after discussed with my husband we were agree that the school can’t do anything good for him, he needs a fresh start to apply what him and psy are working on. So he started a new school.
That school seemed at first awesome, program for kids with trouble…. I met them and they were supposed to have plans for him, after 5 months nothing is done yet. Now his bad behavior is taking control of him again.

Its 2-3 years I’m thinking of home schooling him, he cannot function well in a school environment, when its one by one everything is fine but school cannot pay a teacher to be his private teacher.
All I want its him growing well and becoming a nice man. I’m following the ADDitude since a month and I found so many awesome tips there.

I know home schooling will ask me a lot but I honestly think that would be the best for him + Psychologist and help.

I really feel like these kids are not welcome in a school environment well here in Quebec (Canada), there is not enough help for them. Thats how they make me feel here anyway.

Anyone got tips or informations.

Edit; My son keep saying he doesn’t have a life, he feel like he is not normal, other kids succeed and not him, he’s a failure……… He’s self esteem is really poor and he really not accept that he has ADHD, why me…. I’m not normal, I can’t learn like others…… Break my heart to hear all the time.

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