Reply To: Parent conferences


I agree! My older son is academically gifted. School has always been easy for him. Not only did that make every teacher love him, but that also made his educational opportunities vastly superior to my ADHD son.

Since my older son was academically gifted, he was able to apply to a top middle school in our town. While it’s still part of the “public” school system and is free, a student is admitted based on their academic abilities and teacher references. This school receives so much support (even has their own Board that raises money through local businesses to supply the school with grants for special projects) that not only is the education superior but so are the resources and programs the students can participate in (5 foreign language classes are taught, my son is currently in Chinese).

My ADHD son would never make it into that school. So his opportunities are immediately decreased. While my ADHD son’s counselor told me years ago that I needed to lower my expectations, that my son would never attend college – I never believed that. I feel schools need to give every support available to every student to ensure that student reaches their true potential. Luckily, a Charter school opened up and my ADHD son got in. They feel the same and for the first time EVER, my kid (the kid labeled “slowest in the class”) has surpassed every college readiness test the school gave him. Take that skeptics! Good teachers really do make a world of difference.