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Hi Everyone, You’ll probably find this hard to believe, but I was diagnosed 3 months ago at the age of 75 years old. I can relate to you – I too can walk down a grocery aisle and see everything but what I’m looking to find. Looking back to the age of 20 – I remember visiting friends and leaving something behind, ex, baby bottles, diapers for my then small children. I am in therapy for sexual and emotional abuse. While discussing something with my therapist she stated that over the years she found that I jump around a lot. I was astounded to hear this. I thought that she meant that I fidgeted in my chair. She went on to state that I go from one thought to another and get lost. When I also stated that if I can’t sleep at night I sometimes get up and have a cup of coffee. When she asked me why I did this, I thought DA, it helps to calm me down. She stated that she thought that I have ADHD. I was shocked. However, a few years ago when I stated to my psychiatrist that I lacked stimulation, he prescribed a small milligram of methyophenadidate, (probably misspelled) I didn’t think much about it until my therapist made her statement. We are still searching for the best medication for me. Does anyone have a problem with pasting things on straight or having a problem parallel parking? Thanks for listening. Glad I’m here.