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Thank you Joyce!
I am confused by the teacher wanting him to be more independent also. I think what she wants is him to do basic things like remember to bring his homework home, to remember to tell me information to organize his supplies…
He is a nice kid with anxiety and ADHD. The Concerta has helped with the chronic crying episodes at school and with his ability to handle frustration.
Back to the teacher- I’m going to ask her for specific things she wants him to do on his own. I just have this feeling that she doesn’t understand that my son isn’t spacing lout and forgetting things on purpose. Example- he lost his new glasses in about two weeks. He liked them and needs them but he has no idea what happened to them.
I think she may see me as trying to “baby” him. I just want to maintain a level of confidence and give him support in the areas he struggles with like organizing and remembering things.