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Penny Williams

The change causing your daughter anxiety is the important factor for which you can fight. Yes, a B is still very good in math. However, qualifying for an IEP and services is about more than grades. Lots more.

Since this is the end of the school year, I would request that you meet again one quarter into the next school year and consider whether or not to drop the IEP at that time. Teachers play a big role in a special needs child’s success or failure at school. She will have different teachers next year, and the situation could be better or worse. Request that the decision on dropping her from services be made after seeing her performance with a 2nd set of teachers.

My son’s school wanted me to drop his services and IEP at the end of 5th grade during his 3-year-reeval. He had tested well and his grades were good that year. They didn’t take into account all the behavior struggles we were having just getting him into school, nor the fact that he had excellent teachers and that the accommodations and services were helping him succeed. If he were doing that well without services and an IEP, then they could be dropped. I put my foot down and refused to take him out. I was told I wouldn’t be given the opportunity to have a say next time if he tested well. We just did his 2nd 3-year-reeval and they didn’t even retest him, knowing he still needed services and an IEP.

If you can, hire an advocate to help you fight this.

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Maybe they’d be open to reclassifying her under “emotional disturbance” for the anxiety?

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Good luck! Keep fighting and let us know how it goes.

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