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Hello, all,

I also often feel defeated by my husband. We are currently trying to have a daily planning session, and it is mostly pro forma. He gives a quick reading of his ‘to do’ list, then it’s like pushing string to get him to commit to any specific plan for the next day, let alone longer term things. Since we have been doing this (past few months) I only once got him to lay out how long the planned activities would take, and it came to at least 10-12 hours. He saw the plan was not feasible.

Today I have a couple of teenagers coming to do some yard work. My husband has known this for a couple of weeks. Last night he announced he is planning to use the garden cart for something unrelated. He was disappointed but agreed to use something in its place.

And the things he promised to do by no later than yesterday? No plan in sight, and they are holding up other things.

I don’t lose sight of his charm. He was adorable playing with the cat this morning, but getting things done is such a challenge. I know why I continue to do this. I enjoy his good qualities and try to overlook the challenges in our relationship. But I would dearly love to have fewer challenges.

All the best,