Reply To: Young Adult Transition


I’m sdhrmom but couldn’t log in for some reason. Well, he’s back in town…with his boyfriend. Staying here for now but hopefully not long. I caved. He got beat up last weekend by “friends”, so he was afraid for his life. I hope to god he’s not here long. he doesn’t listen. I’m regretting letting him come back already and he’s only been here one night. He told his sister they don’t plan on getting jobs anytime soon. When he gets here with the uhaul (they left it parked elsewhere last night) I’m telling him they have a month. They can go to low income housing when something opens (he was told it will be soon). We live in a small enough town that it’s not a safety hazard like it was in t he city. I just can not deal with him and his poor attitude but wanted him out of the city. Every single open job outside of fast food and walmart require a hs diploma or GED. He’s worked at all the fast food and walmart. Ugh, this is going to be a long month. I’m calling a counselor Monday so I can regain my sanity.