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Nice to know. mine only aces math/German test, that’s it. He has the same writing issues, extreme EFD and I cannot hold his hand forever. It takes so much to get through homework, anywhere from 4-8 hours a night and no life for anyone. He stays behind in work, it’s so bad.

My son has same issues w/ processing speed and memory. If I am not there to constantly remind him and keep him on tract, he cannot seem to get anything done. I am at the point of telling him to forget the homework it’s ridiculous..(as I sit beside him looking over this 7 part civics computer animation thing they have for homework. It took 2 hours to get through 1 part and you cannot fast forward or answer the question in advance and they have 2 nights to complete it, that’s 14 hrs worth of work to do at home w/ all the other homework/classwork that comes home to complete). 100 vocab words this week, too.

I’m really starting to think this “anywhere learning” is going too far and it’s not actually my child, but I know he plays a huge part of it.