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My son was diagnosed this past Nobember, I’ve been through he’ll and back with his school. They even had the nerve to refer me to a district 75 school
(Like a fake jail school) I visited this school and
and as soon as I walked in children were all over the place cursing and carrying on. I’ve fought with the doctors, social workers, teachers, principal and the department of education just so he wouldn’t have to take meds. I was scared he would be a zombie and I frowned upon parents that doped their kids up just to make their life easier. He was prescribed Concerta 18 in January…his school switched him to a 12:1:1 with a para(which I had to call the district of special education to put in a complaint) that wasn’t enough. Giving up all hope I prayed and God said “Kelli just TRY the meds, he can’t overdose and die if he takes one” because that’s literally how I felt. Changing the biochemicals in a CHILD’S brain. It sounds horrible. I thought he would be moody, no appitite, and get worse then they would have to give me another medicine to fix what this one messed up. I tried everything and nothing worked. No sugar, exercise, I was about to try coffee but I just gave him the pill for the first time yesterday…. Today I went to work for the first time in 3 months. His teacher said he sat in his seat all day. That’s huge. He did his work and when he came home he was more settled than usual. The doctor told me it works right away. And that’s exactly what it did. He doesn’t look high and spaced out because I think that’s the lowest dosage. He’s listening when I’m talking instead of cutting me off, I don’t know if it’s the pill or the fact he knows that he’s taking it and it’s having a placebo effect on him but honestly it’s working. He stayed up later last night than usual. So he can’t sleep and wasn’t that hungry for lunch, but I feed him big breakfast and dinner. I rather these small aide effects then the school calling me to pick him up asap or they are calling the police. Smh. I’m not giving it to him on the weekend or this summer but he will have it Mon-Fri. It’s working. Don’t be scared. No-one wants to medicate their child trust me but this diagnosis is new, and we should have a little faith in our western medicine. I still think it’s overdiagnosed though. But we will see.