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Thank you for responding. We have had the standard accommodations,seating, reminders, extra time, short answers, bullet answers, tying everything, but it does not work. He’s taking test over 3 days or having to take them at the mean time missing other classes (see the issue here..more unfinished work comes home to do) I am so tired of “I have 95 kids, can’t keep up w/ ’em”. ( I did not mention my child is and has been in Advanced and gifted education since pre school and center based gifted for the past 6 years). This is the 2x exceptional problem. I am very familiar w/ IEP’S for disabilities, a little lagging on 504. I have the latest publication for 2016 by the DOE on ADHD and schools not complying, not understanding the law. I survived of off Wright’s Law with my other child for 18 years. I am in Virginia, where they are. I have been an advocate myself, but cannot find the help I need for my child. I also work in the school; which I thought would help somehow..I cannot even get a re-evaluation, per the DOE guidelines, there’s the only excuse of he makes straight A’s and since no other person, other than the child (well 1 teacher tried) agrees there is something wrong, I am out voted every single meeting. He is listed as having ADHD, under OHI, that severely limits his abilities and potential, which got the 504 and that took me a year.
I cannot find a way around the grade thing, which is all they use. I know that grades cannot be the determining factor, nor mitigating strategies that are used, such as meds, adaptive behaviors and all the extra outside work needed or provided, but how do I get 7 other people to see it?
How can I get them off the grade thing?