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I’m a mom of 3, all w/ ADHD, as well as a therapist working w/ many ADHD teens, adults, & & parents. This whole issue of “they don’t
need accommodations cuz they’re smart enough to not need them,” & “grades are already good,” as if grades are all that matters/the only
guidepost that counts, infuriates & frustrates
me!!! The #1 most disabling aspect of ADHD is not attention/focus; it’s emotional regulation deficits, & that can impact SO many aspects of the academic/learning process. In addition, just because your child may earn A’s &/or B’s, it doesn’t mean he/she hasn’t experienced significantly more unecessary challenges in the process, such as spending way more time having to study than others w/out ADHD, increased anxiety during quizzes & tests, lower self esteem & increased anxiety due to feeling “stupid/dumb” asking certain ?’s so they dont speak-up when they’re struggling, & SO many more issues. Just because his/her grades are “good,” doesn’t mean your child is reaching his/her full potential & may not be able to do even better if given certain basic accommodations.
There is a plethora of info out there to assist you in advocating for accommodations for your gifted child. I’d do research & put together a packet of articles to support your request for accommodations for your child.

Here are some helpful links. If all else fails, hire an advocate to attend the meeting with you at school as that is almost always a guarantee that a child in need will receive additional support & resources. Schools hate when you show-up w/ an advocate; oh well!!!

Unlocking the Potential of Gifted Kids with ADHD

Best of luck to you !!!

Lise Klerekoper, LCSW, PLLC