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My son is in the fifth grade and, like your son, was diagnosed in the second grade, but with attentive ADHD. At first I was going to call BS because I’ve never once seen my son hyper, but then his doctor explained that he mentally hyper. That his mind doesn’t stop. I though for a while that we could control his ADHD by changing his diet. I refused medication because I too researched the side affects and honestly freaked out. But I was totally fooled and realize now that I was just hurting him more than helping him. We finally started him off on Concerta and it did great for about 2.5 years and then just stopped working. The only side affect he had was his eating. Most days he never at lunch so we just made sure he ate a good breakfast and dinner. When the Concerta stopped working his doctor put him on Adderall. The first month was okay, just the same not eating, but the 2nd month my turned into a different kid. His mood swings were extreme, his string picking got so much worse to the point he was destroying his clothes, my towels, his sheets, pretty much anything he could pull strings on he would. I finally took him back to his doctor and she took him off Adderall and put him on Strattera. He’s also seeing a child psychiatrist who also put him on a low dose of Lexapro. That combination has made a HUGE difference. He’s back to my loving, outgoing boy and his grades are so much better. He’s told me and his psychiatrist that he likes who he is now on the new medications. To hear my son say that was music to my ears.