Reply To: Has anyone had their child pull hair


My 10 year old son was on 20mg of Adderall (a Stimulant) and it made his destructive OCD go from not to bad to extreme. He started pulling apart his clothes to the point we were having to by him new underwear weekly. All of the hems of his shirts and jeans were pulled apart, he wears low rise socks and he pulled the top bands completely apart. We started finding wads of strings hidden all over the house. I couldn’t take it any more when he started pulling apart my throw pillows that my mom made me. (He had extreme mood swings. He went from being my sweet and loving boy to this hateful child who was either mad all the time or crying for no reason.) I finally took him to his doctor and she pulled him off the Adderall and put him on Strattera (a non Stimulant) and referred us to a child psychiatrist. The psychiatrist put him on a low dose of Lexapro to help with his OCD and upped is Strattera a little. The combination of 10mg Lexapro and 60mg Strattera has mad a HUGE difference. I’ve tested him by buying him new shirts and so far they’ve all come home intact.