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I am in my 70’s and have had sleep problems and problems with word recall — mostly names — ever since I stopped taking low-dose prempro. For me that was a “miracle drug”. I am reluctant to use that particular product at this point, but am interested in bioidentical hormones. Does anyone have any experience with these?

Along with my ADHD “spinning brain” has come a sense of depression and anxiety as I try to accomplish what seems like I “should” be able to accomplish. A variety of medication attemps over probably ten years hasn’t substantially changed anything.

I did hear a podcast from Dr. William Dodson where he said that in many cases stimulants don’t work after menopause. I don’t remember his source for that, but I do think that information about women and ADD; and in particular women, menopause and ADD; is not widely known. Or maybe not widely studied. It’s hard to find a knowledgeable practitioner.